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modeling a LT1723 with Filter Wizard

Question asked by tulanthoar on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Matt.Duff

Filter Wizard doesn't have a model for an LT1723 op amp; is there a way to add this myself or is it expected to be officially added at some point in the near future? 

If not, I assume my only option is to choose a "close enough" replacement. I'm only concerned about getting the correct component values, as I will end up characterizing the implemented circuit by hand anyway. I'm confident that the GBW is high enough to not be a limiting factor; if I choose a slower amplifier and *uncheck* the "Compensate for GBW" box, will the component values be the correct value for a high-speed part? In calculating noise, is the only amplifier parameter used the broadband input voltage noise, or is current noise included also? Does Filter Wizard include offset voltage or bias current when sizing components? Do component values depend on other amplifier specifications that I've missed?