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Using an ADL5380-EVALZ as homodyne rx

Question asked by mlamanna on Aug 10, 2018

Hi everyone, 


A few days ago, I received an ADL5380-EVALZ board, which I would like to use as a homodyne (direct conversion) receiver for a simple project.


To test the board, I split the signal coming from the signal generator and inserted it to the RFP and LOP inputs. I wanted to see how the DC signal outputs change, as a function of input frequency and amplitude. To do so, I connected the IP and QP outputs to the oscilloscope (DC coupled and 50 ohm terminated); as I just said, I was expecting to see a change in these values, but I do not. I also tried IN and QN.


Am I missing something related to how the baluns are connected on this board? Should I bypass them and, if so, how?


  • Notes:
    • My board does not have the RFL and LON SMA inputs (they are not even soldered)
    • The board correctly receives 5V and draws ~0.225-0.230 A
    • I tried changing the frequency in the [750, 1500] MHz range and the amplitude in the [-6, 6] dBm range, but nothing happened
    • I did a test a similar test using an older board that had RFL and LON SMA inputs, but I still provided a single ended input to RFP and LOP. For this board, I was able to see a DC change at the outputs


Thanks in advance for your help!