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How to view address in expressions window while debugging?

Question asked by lekigo on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by lekigo

I could view address of objects (such as "MyGLobalObject" or "MyGlobalVariable") in expressions window in VDSP. There was an address column. But in CCES there isn't it. I have to enter expressions that evaluate address to obtain it (like "&MyGLobalObject", "&MyGLobalObject.subobject", "&MyGLobalObject.subobject.subobject[some_index]"). It is very inconveniently and vastly slows down debugging by disassemly window (I view it when I need to investigate what is doing really in code). Is there any way to add address column to expressions view? Or is there other way to quickly view addresses of objects? Looking into map file of linker also is long and it contains only top-level names without inner fields.