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AD9648 sometimes has no output on DCO and DATA pins,Input clock always exists

Question asked by summersuny on Aug 10, 2018
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In our current design, after multiple power ON/OFF, we face the issue that sometimes (~15%) we get the following situation:

  • AD9648 does not provide a valid output clock. (But input clock is always OK)
  • AD9648 is no more resettable with digital reset.

In few words, AD9648 is in an undetermined state and can not recover.

This kind of problem were already reported here :

Initially, the  power of the input clock was +5dBm, which was later changed to +10dBm. The probability of a problem is reduced a lot, but it still occurs.The register values read through SPI are correct.

Changed the 08 register to force the ADC digital reset and power down, can not restore  to normal. Only power is cut off, and expect to resume normal next time.


We need help or new ideas…


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