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I want to change audio(in/out) from TDM8 to TDM4 in "SigmaStudio for SHARC(Ver4.1.0)"

Question asked by shko on Aug 10, 2018

# Environment:

  - CCES 2.8.1

  - SigmaStudio for SHARC(ADSP-SC584) : Ver 4.1.0

  - SigmaStudio Ver4.1.0

  - ADSP-SC584 EZ-BOARD 1.0

  - DemoUc project


# I want to change audio(in/out) from TDM8 to TDM4, but framework Error LED is turned on.


1) change SPORT4 A  TDM8 -> TDM4 in framework config(sigmastudio)

    change SPORT5 A TDM8 -> TDM4 in framgework config

2) Link complile download,export system files

3) generate files using exportcodeparm :





4) copy files to source folder, and build all

5) debug and run

6) Framgework Error LED(LED14) is turned on


I need your help to resolve this problem.


Best Regards