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AD9361 RX State Transition

Question asked by tiernom on Aug 9, 2018
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So I've been reading UG-570 page 25 for the AD9361 state machine. I'm curious about how the RX state transitions (rel. to SPI control).


It is clear, that once in Alert state, one can set the "FORCE_RX" bit (if using SPI control) to transition the SM to RX (if the appropriate calibrations are done). The RX flush state is automatically performed and then depending on the value of "TO_ALERT", the SM will transition to either WAIT or ALERT. Let's say TO_ALERT = 1 in this case, so the SM always goes back to ALERT after RX Flush.


Does this mean that the Alert -> RX transition must be manual? Or is there some way to continually get the SM to go from Alert -> RX -> Flush -> Alert -> RX without user intervention? I would like to get the AD9361 to continually send data without further SPI updates or pin control. Is this possible?