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IIO scope linux driver

Question asked by beginFPGA on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by aardelean

Hi all,

I started to use IIO scope to send and receive signals using SMA cable for crossing Tx1 to Rx1 (my board ZC706+AD9371)

I have few question about this software tool

1. How this tool acquires the received samples (read the samples from the DDR I guess)?

2. How we specify the start address of reading the data (in which driver linux exactly we define this parameter )

3. when I plot the received signals (with N samples) in real time,  I want to know if this tool always reads from the start address ??
4. I tried to send a signal with 1228800 samples) but using the IIO scope I can't only acquire signal with 1048576 samples  (This is the max number of samples allowed by this tool) How can we compare these two signals i???


Thank you