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AD9467 Eval Board SPIController

Question asked by snien on Jan 11, 2012
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I've have the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ board with the AD9467 250 MSPS.  It works fine with the VisualAnalog software but there seems to be a problem with the SPIController software.  I was unable to get the AD9517 to provide a clock source to the AD9467 and I'm not sure why.  I did add all necessary capacitors but the software simply won't acknowledge the AD9517 and communicate to it.


Another problem I experienced was that if you open up the SPIController software and then connect the board via USB, the average noise floor in VisualAnalog jumps sporadically between -115dBFS and -60dBFS, however, if the board was connected and powered first, this does not happen and VisualAnalog works fine.  I can than switch the chip on and off and produce the test patterns via SPIController but the moment I change the output mode in any way i.e. from offset binary to 2's compliment, the noise floor jumps around again and the only way to fix it is to switch the power off and back on.  I did change the data input formatter in VisualAnalog but this did not help.


Also, I then tried switching on the board first and then open SPIController.  This again works fine but if I now load the appropriate config file for the ADC the noise floor jumps around again.


Can anybody please help?