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Several questions about the use of the ADRV9009

Question asked by Sylvain.L on Aug 9, 2018
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Sorry for posting several questions in once, I don't know if it is the way I'm supposed to do on the forum.


I have an evaluation board for the ADRV9009 running on a ZCU102, and after some tests and measurements I have a few questions :



1. Dephasing bewteen the TX channels


I have measured the dephasing channels bewteen the TX channels, with the default setting for the phase : 90° for each TX.

What I have measured is closer to a 180° dephasing than a 0° dephasing, is that supposed to be so ? I was expecting a very small dephasing bewteen the channels.

For my measurement, I have used the same cables (same length and connections), and switching the cables didn't change the order of the phases.


Of course for CW measurements I can change the phase of the channels to obtain a close to zero dephasing, but I would like to understand the reason of the intial dephasing.



2. Calibrations 


Sometimes when using the QEC and LOL calibrations, the image of the signal appears to become stronger than before the calibration. Am I doing something wrong ?


Also, I didn't find what was the FHM calibration about. Is there any documentation about it ?



3. Use of ORX channels


I have tried using the TX channels with the ORX channels, using a splitter as the user guide shows. I don't see any real difference when pluging the SMA cable to the ORX channel or not.

Is there anything I could have done wrong ? Is it supposed to prevent the degradation of the performances after a long time ?



4. Hopping mode


I didn't understand well what the hopping mode was made for. When I activate this option on the Linux GUI, I completly loose my signal as if the board was OFF. 

Do you have any explanation ? Also if there was any documentation about this topic I would be interrested.



Thank you in advance for your answers. Sorry if I asked questions that could be found elsewhere, but I have tried to solve these issues by searching in the documentations and the forum.



Sylvain LP