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TRACE pod availablity for ADSP-SC785

Question asked by tarangjindal on Aug 9, 2018

Hello Everyone, 

We are using ADSP-SC587 processon in our design. 

We have few query regarding TRACE interface provided in SC587 processor. These are - 


1) Trace interface has 1 clock and 16 data lines, but in pin muxing - lower 8 data lines and clock pins are repeated. so, please let us know,

---> Why lower 8 TRACE[0:7]_DATA and TRACE0_CLK are provided twice in pin mux.

---> is it possible to use only 1 TRACE clock with lower 8 TRACE[0:7]_DATA lines to support TRACE feature? which trace pod and connector will support this scenerio?  

---> What is the difference in using 16 TRACE[0:15]_DATA vs using 8 TRACE[0:7]_DATA lines? What features we may loose by using the 8-trace lines.


2) I have serached for the ADI emulator to support TRACE interface but not found any on ADI site. As per SC589 EVM user manual it is written that TRACE Pod are not yet available with ADI. so please let us know,

---> when will ADI provide TRACE pod to support ADSP-SC587 TRACE feature? 

---> will the ADI TRACE pod support both "8-TRACE[7:0]_DATA + TRACE[0]_CLK" and "16-TRACE[15:0]_DATA- + TRACE[0]_CLK configutration. 


3) is there any documents available to understand the TRACE interface pinout and supported features? 


Thanks and Regards

Tarang Jindal