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ADV7513 with STM32 LTDC

Question asked by ekondratiev on Aug 8, 2018
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Could you help me to configure ADV7513 (in fact, we use ADV7511W) to get video data from STM32F7 LTDC controller (18-bit parallel RGB with HSYNC, VSYNC, DE and Clock).

This controller works well with different TFT panels (800x480, 800x600) and now I need to get this video signal out to DVI.

I've done all interconnects so I can configure ADV chip but can't get DVI signal out. I use Analog Devices API library for ADV7513 and had adjusted it for STM32 I2C communication.


Now I have several questions:

1) Is it, in general, possible to get 800x600 signal to DVI? Now for LVDS it works well.

2) There is DE (data enable) signal is being generated by STM LTDC but too fast, it seems, every HSYNC. So, I guess, ADV can't recognize it. Should I use internal DE generation?

3) I've turned on TMDS but can't see any baseline in oscilloscope. I guest it should by approx 0.9V on the lines.

4) AFAIK, I should get PLL lock status or so but I'm a little bit lost in all these parameters :-)


This LTDC configuration I use works stable with 800x600 LVDS TFT panel, so the signal itself is OK.


Thank you very much in advance!