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DSP boards that support FxLMS filter for ambient active noise cancellation

Question asked by rjacobs on Aug 7, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by rjacobs

I'm researching an ambient active noise cancellation (ANC) project and would like to better understand which DSP board(s) would be the best choice for this kind of application. SigmaStudio appears to contain an FxLMS filter which I assume could power an ANC solution without any manual coding, but it's very difficult to determine which boards will support this filter and what other hardware selection factors may need to be considered. From what I have read on these forums it seems like the support for various filters across different boards is a moving target.


I have been looking at ADAU1466 (specifically EVAL-ADAU1466Z) and ADAU1467 (specifically EVAL-ADAU1467Z). The description for ADAU1466 actually references ANC, while others I have looked at do not. So it's not clear if ADAU1466 contains some components that may make it more compatible with the FxLMS filter.


Are there any specific recommendations, for or against, specific boards for ANC projects that will leverage the FxLMS filter? Additionally, are there any other hardware considerations that should be taken into account when evaluating boards for applications like this?