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Type T thermocouple signal conditioner

Question asked by michael1!1 on Aug 7, 2018
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Hello all,

I am fairly new in the electronics world, so please be patient as there probably will be some stupid questions. I am trying to set up a DAQ system for a laboratory application. So far I plan to use a mega2560 R3 in combination with type T thermocouples. The problem is the signal conditioning unit: it appears as if there are only very few very expensive signal conditioning units which are not an option for me since I am on a budget. I have found the promising AD594/AD595 but they are designed for type J/type K thermocouples. Althoug, it says in the datasheet "Can Be Used with Type T Thermocouple Inputs" which left me wondering what this means, since the characteristics of type J/K and type T do differ significantly as far as I know. But then again it says explicitly "Can Be Used with Type T Thermocouple INPUTS". Anyway, I can't make any sense out of this, maybe somebody could help me.

Further I wanted to ask if it even would make sense in the first place to use more accurate thermocouples like the type T or would the accuracy of the signal conditioner make a more accurate thermocouple a waste of money and effort?


Thank you very much,



EDIT: What is understood by calibration accuracy? If the AD595 class C has a calibration accuracy of +-1°C does that mean that the max. error of a measurement can be +-1°C?