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Question asked by NTCT on Jan 10, 2012
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We have a simple setup where unstable CVBS input (VCR) is digitized by ADV7802, and the resulting 10-bit BT.656 stream is converted back to CVBS by ADV7341.


ADV7802 is configured to use external DDR RAM. Both chips are configured for PAL SD operation, frame TBC is enabled, all other settings are at their


defaults. Here are some questions:


In the resulting picture we see a vertical blue line on the left. What might be causing that, and is there a way to eliminate it?


Also, the resulting picture is slightly cropped at the top (2 lines per field). Is there a way to avoid it?


How can we control the horizontal position of the picture on the screen?


Also, please suggest some ways of tweaking ADLLT (line TBC) performance on VHS captures. This function is crucial for us, and we would like to maximize its performance.