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Question about saferoad address of ADAU1466

Question asked by Andrew.Choi on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2018 by Andrew.Choi

Hi all

I have a question about saferoad address of ADAU1466


The development environment uses adau1466 / SigmaStudio 4.1.


1. In table 55 of the datasheet, I found the information about safeload address.

2. The compile_output.log file from sigmastudio (ver 4.1).


3. SigmaStudio Capture window



1. Which Safeload addresses should use in my environment?

2. The address_SafeLoad entry in Safeload address + 5
    #define MOD_MIDFILTER1_ALG0_STAGE2_B2_ADDR             91
If I want to set the value above, which value should you enter as either 0x0000005b or 0x5b000000?

3. What does num_Safeload_Lower / num_Safeload_Upper at safeload address + 6,7 judge Lower / Upper based on?
Which of the following is MOD_MIDFILTER1_ALGO_STAGE2_B2_ADDR Lower or Upper?


I attached SigmaStudio project file and compiler_output.log.

Please advise the above question.


Thank you