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ADIS16488 wrong acceleration data?

Question asked by StevenMuller on Aug 5, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by StevenMuller

Hi all,


I'm using ADIS16488 and have connected it to a mcu to read its regiters through an SPI protocol. It was working fine until recently I realized that some regiters are sending wrong values. For example, Z_ACCL_OUT was something like -14.8 (the module was stationary all the time) while I expected it to be 1.0 (gravity). I investigated everything (connections and etc) untill I realized the accelerometer's calibration registers, i.e. ZA_BIAS_HIGH, Z_ACCL_SCALE, and etc are not 0x0000 at the start-up.


This is interesting. Is ADIS automatically writes some values to these registers?  

So to solve this issue (wrong acc data), I set all acceleration registers to 0x0000 at the beginning of the code.