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No output from DAC with AD9959 PCB Eval board

Question asked by 9h1y on Aug 4, 2018
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I am a newbie on the AD9959 and I have recently purchased the PCBZ evaluation board. 


I have powered up the board and I am using the AD9959/59 Evaluation software. I can load and read the AD9959 through the tool (USB Status: CYusb-1 DUT Type: AD9959).


I am using a VNA as a function generator providing a 40Mhz input signal to the REF CLK. All is good as I am reading a 10Mhz output signal from the SYNC CLK on the scope. 


Via the software I am loading the SIngle Tone Mode > All Channels on @10_20_30_40MHz configuration. The default ref clock is 500Mhz so I adjust this to match the 40Mhz input signal, and the Frquency on Channel 0 adjust itself to 1.6Mhz. Evaluation software is set to Auto I/O Update. If i read the settings on the Channel Output Config the frequency is indeed 1.6Mhz. 


I am trying to view the output of DAC Channel 0 on the scope but I don't get any signal. I must be missing something non-trivial. Any feedback is welcome. 


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Charles 9H1Y