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LTC5564 and  DC1646A noisy VCOMP?

Question asked by GerardD on Aug 3, 2018
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I'm testing the DC1646A (demo board for the RF power detector LTC5564) and I'm having trouble getting a clean VCOMP. I'm not sure if it is due to noise or if I need to adjust some elements of the demo PCB.


I'm attaching some measurements. Parameters:

VCC = 5V, RFIN = 5.8 GHz, input power at the demo board 0 dBm.

CH1 (yellow) is VOUT

CH2(cyan) is VCOMP.

GAIN 1, otherwise I will specify it.







- RFIN OFF. (Now also showing VCOMP)


- RFIN OFF, VREF = 0.34V. Notice how VOUT has some transients and VCOMP goes high. The threshold, VREF 340 mV, is far from the 282 mV of VOUT.


-RFIN ON, VREF = 0.34 V. Looks like VOUT is noisy when VREF is ON. VCOMP is HIGH (makes sense since VOUT>>VREF)


-RFIN ON, VREF = 0.84  V. Now VCOMP is LOW (makes sense since VOUT<VREF)


-RFIN ON, VREF = 0.470  V. Now VCOMP is going LOW too often. As far as I understand, this is not how it should be since VOUT>VREF.

- RFIN ON, VREF = 0.70  V. Now VCOMP is going HIGH sometimes. As far as I understand, this is not how it should be since VOUT<<VREF.





Is this how it is supposed to work? I'm using a R&S lab power supply, I'm assuming it is a fairly clean power supply. 


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