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will ADRF6510 IC makes its SPI DOUT (SDO) pin tri-stated, when the SPI-Bus is not in use (SPI select is deasserted)?

Question asked by tarangjindal on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by jdobler


we have 4 no. ADRF6510 ICs on our board. The SPI bus of these 4 ICs is interafced with the Controller device. 

There is only one SPI from the controller is used to interface the SPI bus of these 4 ADRF6510 ICs. 

so, please let us know that is this ADRF6510 IC makes SPI DOUT lpin tri stated when SPI bus is not in use? 

This will allows us to decide that we can short the DOUT for these 4-ICs or not.