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Change JESD Line rate in tcl

Question asked by NilsMinor on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by andrei_g



I am using only one ADC AD9234 channel which requires 5 Gbits /S lane rate. When build my system I got an error in implementation because my design is based on daq2 zc706 template. 



I think I need to change a config in my build tcl script, but how?


here is my script in the moment, is something else missing?


Is it also correct that I disabled QPLL as it was only used for TX ind daq2 design?



source $ad_hdl_dir/library/jesd204/scripts/jesd204.tcl

# adc peripherals

ad_ip_instance axi_adxcvr axi_ad9680_xcvr ;# call axi_adxcvr for setup
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_xcvr CONFIG.NUM_OF_LANES 4 ;# number of rx lanes
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_xcvr CONFIG.QPLL_ENABLE 0 ;# 0 to disable, 1 to enable
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_xcvr CONFIG.TX_OR_RX_N 0 ;# 0 for RX, 1 for TX

adi_axi_jesd204_rx_create axi_ad9680_jesd 4 ;# number of rx lanes

ad_ip_instance axi_ad9680 axi_ad9680_core ;# add ad9680 IP core

ad_ip_instance util_cpack axi_ad9680_cpack ;# add cpack IP
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_cpack CONFIG.CHANNEL_DATA_WIDTH 64 ;# cpack channel data width
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_cpack CONFIG.NUM_OF_CHANNELS 2 ;# number of channels (1 ADC = 2 possible channels)

ad_ip_instance axi_dmac axi_ad9680_dma ;# add axi dma IP
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_dma CONFIG.DMA_TYPE_SRC 1 ;#
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_dma CONFIG.DMA_TYPE_DEST 0 ;#
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_dma CONFIG.ID 0 ;#
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_dma CONFIG.AXI_SLICE_SRC 0 ;#
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_dma CONFIG.AXI_SLICE_DEST 0 ;#
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_dma CONFIG.SYNC_TRANSFER_START 1 ;#
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_dma CONFIG.DMA_LENGTH_WIDTH 24 ;#
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_dma CONFIG.DMA_2D_TRANSFER 0 ;#
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_dma CONFIG.CYCLIC 0 ;#
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_dma CONFIG.DMA_DATA_WIDTH_SRC 64 ;#
ad_ip_parameter axi_ad9680_dma CONFIG.DMA_DATA_WIDTH_DEST 64 ;#

# shared transceiver core

ad_ip_instance util_adxcvr util_daq2_xcvr ;# add util_adxcvr IP core
ad_ip_parameter util_daq2_xcvr CONFIG.RX_NUM_OF_LANES 4 ;# number of RX lanes (4 per ADC)
ad_ip_parameter util_daq2_xcvr CONFIG.TX_NUM_OF_LANES 0 ;# number of TX lanes


ad_connect sys_cpu_resetn util_daq2_xcvr/up_rstn
ad_connect sys_cpu_clk util_daq2_xcvr/up_clk

# reference clocks & resets
create_bd_port -dir I rx_ref_clk_0 ;# create clock port
# The QPLL was used for TX only
ad_xcvrpll rx_ref_clk_0 util_daq2_xcvr/cpll_ref_clk_* ;# connect rx_ref_clk_0 >> cpll_ref_clk_*
ad_xcvrpll rx_ref_clk_0 util_daq2_xcvr/qpll_ref_clk_*
ad_xcvrpll axi_ad9680_xcvr/up_pll_rst util_daq2_xcvr/up_cpll_rst_* ;# connect (axi_ad9680_xcvr) up_pll_rst >> up_cpll_rst_* (util_daq2_xcvr)

# connections (adc)

ad_xcvrcon util_daq2_xcvr axi_ad9680_xcvr axi_ad9680_jesd ;# connect ?
ad_connect util_daq2_xcvr/rx_out_clk_0 axi_ad9680_core/rx_clk ;# connect (util_daq2_xcvr) rx_out_clk_0 >> rx_clk (axi_ad9680_core)
ad_connect util_daq2_xcvr/rx_out_clk_0 axi_ad9680_fifo/adc_clk ;# connect (util_daq2_xcvr) rx_out_clk_0 >> adc_clk (axi_ad9680_fifo)
ad_connect util_daq2_xcvr/rx_out_clk_0 axi_ad9680_cpack/adc_clk ;# connect (util_daq2_xcvr) rx_out_clk_0 >> adc_clk (axi_ad9680_cpack)

ad_connect axi_ad9680_jesd/rx_sof axi_ad9680_core/rx_sof
ad_connect axi_ad9680_jesd/rx_data_tdata axi_ad9680_core/rx_data
ad_connect axi_ad9680_jesd_rstgen/peripheral_reset axi_ad9680_cpack/adc_rst
ad_connect axi_ad9680_core/adc_enable_0 axi_ad9680_cpack/adc_enable_0
ad_connect axi_ad9680_core/adc_valid_0 axi_ad9680_cpack/adc_valid_0
ad_connect axi_ad9680_core/adc_data_0 axi_ad9680_cpack/adc_data_0
ad_connect axi_ad9680_core/adc_enable_1 axi_ad9680_cpack/adc_enable_1
ad_connect axi_ad9680_core/adc_valid_1 axi_ad9680_cpack/adc_valid_1
ad_connect axi_ad9680_core/adc_data_1 axi_ad9680_cpack/adc_data_1
ad_connect axi_ad9680_jesd_rstgen/peripheral_reset axi_ad9680_fifo/adc_rst
ad_connect axi_ad9680_cpack/adc_valid axi_ad9680_fifo/adc_wr
ad_connect axi_ad9680_cpack/adc_data axi_ad9680_fifo/adc_wdata
ad_connect sys_cpu_clk axi_ad9680_fifo/dma_clk
ad_connect sys_cpu_clk axi_ad9680_dma/s_axis_aclk
ad_connect sys_cpu_resetn axi_ad9680_dma/m_dest_axi_aresetn
ad_connect axi_ad9680_fifo/dma_wr axi_ad9680_dma/s_axis_valid
ad_connect axi_ad9680_fifo/dma_wdata axi_ad9680_dma/s_axis_data
ad_connect axi_ad9680_fifo/dma_wready axi_ad9680_dma/s_axis_ready
ad_connect axi_ad9680_fifo/dma_xfer_req axi_ad9680_dma/s_axis_xfer_req
ad_connect axi_ad9680_core/adc_dovf axi_ad9680_fifo/adc_wovf

# interconnect (cpu)
ad_cpu_interconnect 0x44A50000 axi_ad9680_xcvr
ad_cpu_interconnect 0x44A10000 axi_ad9680_core
ad_cpu_interconnect 0x44AA0000 axi_ad9680_jesd
ad_cpu_interconnect 0x7c400000 axi_ad9680_dma

# gt uses hp3, and 100MHz clock for both DRP and AXI4
ad_mem_hp3_interconnect sys_cpu_clk sys_ps7/S_AXI_HP3
ad_mem_hp3_interconnect sys_cpu_clk axi_ad9680_xcvr/m_axi

#ad_mem_hp1_interconnect sys_cpu_clk sys_ps7/S_AXI_HP1
ad_mem_hp2_interconnect sys_cpu_clk sys_ps7/S_AXI_HP2
ad_mem_hp2_interconnect sys_cpu_clk axi_ad9680_dma/m_dest_axi

# interrupts
ad_cpu_interrupt ps-11 mb-14 axi_ad9680_jesd/irq
ad_cpu_interrupt ps-13 mb-12 axi_ad9680_dma/irq