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ADUC834 port2.7 shows invalid voltage (2.5 V)

Question asked by sebastian.held on Jan 11, 2012
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I've a problem with the ADUC834BSZ F23. We've dozens of devices with the chip operating ok. But now there are five units, which behave strangely in that port2.7's (pin 39) high voltage is only about 2.5 V. The ADUC is powered by 5 V.

I thought I may be external circuitry and desoldered pin 39 from the pcb. But the outcome is the same: approx 170 mV for a low signal (quite high I think) and approx 2.5 V for a high signal. The internal pull-ups should present 5 V at the output (all other units do).


May this be due to ESD? Has anyone faced a similar problem?