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Evaluating No-OS with ADRV9375-N/PCBZ board and KCU105 board

Question asked by okabe.y on Aug 3, 2018

Hi team,

We are evaluating No-OS with ADRV9375-N/PCBZ board and KCU105 board.

Now we try Push data into/out of the AD9371/AD9375 according to following site.


About “Push data out”, we confirmed CW signal at 1981MHz.

setting Tx Frequency is 1980MHz

Next we are trying Capture Date. We use signal generator and connect it to Rx port.

But capture data is all 0.

We use ILA (Integrated Logic Analyzer) at FPGA, but monitor data is all 0.



1)Would you tell us how we solve this problem(capture data is all 0)?

2)Especially would you to conform headless.c file. Is there anything wrong our  usage


GPIO/SPI modified source are as follows.





software Version are as follows.




 I have attached a file "" to be related to as above.


Also We would like to confirme about version of  no-os source.

Now 2018_R1 using version 2018_R1 no-os source.

There is a difference between the files downloaded in June and August.

Did changes have been made on June 27?

Is there any possibility that it will be changed in the future?



Best Regard.