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Is 2018_R1 AD9371 no-OS broken on ZC706 board? 

Question asked by DSPdesigner on Aug 3, 2018



I'm working with ADRV 9371 and  ZC706 eveluation platform.   I was able to successfully build FPGA and test it with Linux ADI Oscilloscope. 


I have also been able to build and test 2017_R1 no-OS by following instructions here:

AD9371/AD9375 No-OS Setup [Analog Devices Wiki] 


However it appears that 2018_R1 is broken for no-OS for ADRV9371


The project builds, however the program execution stops at the following lines:


Please wait...
WARNING: AD9528_initialize() issues. Possible cause: REF_CLK not connected.


Has ADI tested a reference design for no-OS for ADRV9371 for 2018_R1?  


Doing some debugging it appears to me that the SPI communications to the AD9528 and AD9371 chips got broken in 2018_R1.