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TS201 Chaining TCB register setting questions

Question asked by shedmaze on Jan 11, 2012
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hello, aces:

i am using two TS201 EZ-KIT LITE BOARD to realize the DSP chaining practice, and i am learning one example including in the Visual DSP++ 5.0, it is here: " D:\visual_dsp++\TS\Examples\ADSP-TS201 EZ-KIT Lite\AudioPassThrough C ", some porblems confused me, the most difficult one is how to set the TCB registers, in the example, it has the codes like this:




i can't understand (1). what do these variables represent? --------RcveDMALSourceTCB, RcveDMALDestinTCB, XmitDMALSourceTCB,  XmitDMALDestinTCB, RcveDMARSourceTCB, RcveDMARDestinTCB, XmitDMARSourceTCB, XmitDMARDestinTCB----------------it seems that in this program, it is not necessary to set so many registers.

                           (2). i can't understanding this operation--------------- (long)(&XmitDMALSourceTCB) >> 2) & 0x7FFFF),  according to the TS201 manual, the CHPT saves the next TCB register's content, but what is "the next TCB register"?  and you know the next TCB is a 32-bits register, but here we only have 19bits, it seems not right???


                           (3)   i think you have known that i don't understand this example, can you give me some help to understand, if you can give me a diagram, it is best.





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sheng ming