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when real rx gain inject to rx path?

Question asked by little_fish@rf on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by Vinod

Dear Sir:

         now i am using 1T1R base on AD9363, and using spi bus to change rx gain and tx gain;

         when i change rx gain base on write 0x109 register, is it readback 0x2b0 register to check the gain value inject to rx pah or not? 

        but  i found that when i wrote A to 0x109 register in ENSM alert status, i can't readback A in 0x2b0 in alert status, it readback the original value. when i change ENSM to rx mode, i can readback A in 0x2b0.

        so i wonder which status read rx gain inject to rx path? in alert status or rx gain status? which status should i write new rx gain to 0x109?

        why 0x2b0 can't reflect real rx gain in any ENSM status, just in rx status?