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Local Oscillation system to drive AD9279

Question asked by sitansu on Aug 2, 2018



I am using AD9279 - Octal LNA/VGA/AAF/ADC and CW I/Q Demodulator. At one point of application, an ultrasound transducer can be connected to this board of center frequency range up to 20MHz. But to get a demodulated output it requires a Local Oscillator of 4 times the Centre Frequency. Say if I am using a transducer driving at 8MHz, I need a Local Oscillator operating at 32MHz. It requires the local oscillator to produce the output voltage at about 2.8V peak-to-peak. 


Would you be able to recommend what available clocking system boards from Analog Devices can be suitable for generating a high clocking signal? The available signal generator producing waves above 20MHz are costly so I am, looking for an alternative solution. 


Thank you

Sitansu Sekhar