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Any way to get ADAU evaluation board except buying?

Question asked by OverSun on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by traxman

Hello everyone, I have a question that is more or less described in the title.


I am a software engineer, that like tinkering with devices and stuff, and sometimes I do have ideas of something that either doesn't exists at all, or nobody produces it yet. Right now I have in mind a small DYI audio project that I personally want to use and after ton of research I've found out great AD SigmaDSP processor family that perfectly fits to what I want to assemble.

The issue is that I'm not a hardware engineer, but software engineer. So from all the docs and specs I see that this thing fits me perfect, and I would gladly order some third party freelancer to hardware design a board based on SigmaDSP if I would be totally sure that it all is going to work out. And to be sure I need the evaluation board to test things and firmware. And all of them which fits my needs are 200$, which is way over DYI project budget just to try it out!

So, is there any way to get an eval board except buying it? Rent? Buy used cheaper? Engineering sample on sale? Some enthusiast program of AD itself? I don't have much to offer, but since I'm pretty into programming ARM microcomputers I write articles and reviews from time to time on various IT resources and can make a review of the board... Writing an article about DYI project based on AD boards and DSP's would be an interesting post. Customer reach is a customer reach.

BTW the project I want to build is a digital mixer with 4 SPDIF inputs and SPDIF output. With separate volume control for each input, so basically I need 4 I2S inputs, 4 AUXADC, 4 ASRC and 1 SPDIF output. 1451, 1452, 1463-300 and 1466 are my target DSP's and I would absolutely love to have hands on either on EVAL-ADAU1466 or EVAL-ADAU1467Z because they have rotary encoders on them.