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Transceiver Evaluation software problem

Question asked by Golan_X on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by gverma

Hello,After installing the software for AD9375 (AD9371 Transceiver evaluation software) from the website and burning the SD card with the AD9371 Image , when i'm trying to connect with the software it gives the following massage: "Platform problem:please disconnect other applications that uses the Command server"

in order to fix that probelm i took the following steps:

- burn another SDCARD

- try the small cell software

- check another EVB

-try to connect directly with LAN

-remove the software and reinstall.

Note: Putty connection to the ZYINQ is ok.  the IP wasn't with the right subnet and i had to change it with the following command every time that i want to connect with the software : "ifconfig eth0 netmask"

i also checked to see that there is a ping between the computer and the Board and it seems to be OK.