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Question asked by seokor on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by dulcevida

nice meet you, about technical issue as below :

1. about LT3905  Page.18 application circuit. its APD output current "1mA" , how to design or calculation?

   the "1mA" current, that can be adjusted?    how to adjust it?  

   why the circuit pin(ILIM_MON) and pin(MON) is short together?   


2. at datasheet Page.15   Adjustable APD bias circuit, that use CTRL to adjust Vout, CTRL allow minimum input about ?voltage.   (actual test, when CTRL input low than 0.12V, and the Vout is shutdown, no output.)


3. EVB : DC1956A  its R12=634K, R13=15K,  but we have buy the EVB and actual resistance on PCB, R12 is 30K(303), R13 is 1K(01B),   who is right?


    currently we design a PCB and that reference the EVB DC1956A, but R12 is 300K, R13 is 10K, (scale the same is 30:1),  but we found the Vout (wave) noise is big than DC1956A, that is the diversion current (IFB) is smaller than original (R12=30K & R13=1K), so noise into the IFB and become bigger by amplifier of reason?