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Load AD9959

Question asked by Serg01 on Aug 1, 2018
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Good Morning!


I try to load the registers of AD9959, but no signal on the output.

The sequence is shown on the figures:


At first the RST during 100 us, then trying to write 11 bytes in the AD9959.


For the beginning two bytes: 0x00 0x80, and IO_UPDATE pulse. Load02_1.jpg


Then 4 bytes 0x01 0xD0 0x00 0x00, and IO_UPDATE pulse. Load02_2.jpg


At the end, 5 bytes 0x04 0x33 0x33 0x33 0x33, and IO_UPDATE pulse. Load02_3.jpg (Frequency = 100 MHz)

But there are no signal on the Output of AD9959. What is wrong? How can I load the registers of AD9959?

Thank you very much.