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Blackfin Image Processing Toolbox Performance

Question asked by Findl on Jan 10, 2012
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I have got a question related to the performance of the Image Processing Toolbox presented within its documentation in comparison with the demo applications provided.


For Example the edge detection: The function "adi_sobel_3x3_horz_i8" is documented within the document "Image_Tool_Box_ProductSpecs_Rel1.4.0" on page 9 with a performance of 2.73cycl/pel (Memory Scheme 1) and 9.79 cycl/pel (Memory Scheme 2).


When I run the demo application "sobel_bf561" supplied with the Toolbox I can read the following performance measurements:



Input File: demo_512x512_yuv400.yuv
process => sobel 3x3 horizontal filter
Cycles/pel + DMA cycles = 127.839325
Only Func Cycles/pel = 119.797713
Output File: demo_512x512_yuv400_sobel_3x3_8_horz_output.yuv


If I compare the data provided within the documentation with the measurement data of the demo application, I recognize salient differences.


Can anybody explain that, please?


Regards Michel