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ADXL372 FIFO Read Problem

Question asked by newuserhere on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by jwang


I am just getting started with using ADXL372 IC. I am currently facing few issues getting it to work according to my requirements.

I am using an EVAL-ADXL372Z development module along with an ATSAMD21G18 microcontroller with an Arduino core to get of ADXL372. I started off with the ADXL example code mentioned here. I was able to get that working.


I am planning to use ADXL to measure an impact force for my experiments. My requirement is to set ADXL372 in a low power mode till the time an impact occurs(Wake up or Instant ON mode), I need to analyse the data of the impact. For this, I need to store the data in the FIFO(360 samples after the impact and 150 samples after the impact).


I modified the example code, to match the above requirements.

  • Configured FIFO to be in Triggered mode.
  • Operation mode was set to Instant On Mode
  • Configured the INT1 pin to trigger HIGH when FIFO is full(360 samples)
  • Getting the FIFO data and display it on Serial port


I have attached the code which I am using.

What seems to be happening is that ADXL_INT1_PIN is always getting triggered always and not specifically at an impact exceeding the low threshold(like it should in the Instant On mode)


Please Note that in the code I modified the INT1, INT2, CS Pins to suit my development board.


Can someone help me with this problem? I maybe making some mistake in my code.