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Question about ADXL362 Offset

Question asked by Kazu on Jul 31, 2018
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A couple of ADXL362 show abnormal outputs on Y and Z axis after working for about 2 weeks in the field.

These outputs were no problem (showed correct values) at my shipping test but returned abnormal devices output

fix values, for instance Y=0xF800 and Z=0x67FF, and these values do not change even though adding acceleration

intentionally. Mesurement range: +/-2g,  Power supply: VS=VDDIO=3.3V.


I have mostly come to be able to use abnormal ADXL362s (but probably not a fundamental solution) by software offset

cancel (measuring real offset values and cancel them) in +/-8g range.


  • Can you think of anything that might have caused the large offset?

         According to the data sheet, Offset vs Temperature is 0.6mg/C typ and delta T is at most 40 degC in the field,

         so offset drift is calculated to 24mg (very small).


  • Any problem about the way to read data.

         My sequence reads sensing data once a second after confirming the status register to know new data is ready to

         be read, but do not use interrupt signals from the ADXL362 as trigger.