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How can I test to phase noise of HMC509 ?

Question asked by Mr.yoo on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by MRichardson

There is a question about the phase noise measurement method of HMC509.
In the data sheet, Phase noise is specified as -115 dBc / Hz@typ when 5V.

When the Vtune is 5V, I wonder if it is possible to construct the circuit as shown below to measure the phase noise of the HMC509.
1. Connect + 5V to VCC using a DC power supply.
2. Connect + 5V to the Vtune using a DC power supply.

If I have the above configuration and the phase noise is not -115dBc, is it due to the noise of Vcc and Vtune voltage?

Do you need a separate power circuit to test the HMC509 evaluation board?