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Question asked by YangZhaojun on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by srimoyi

Recently , we use the AD9361 for the Rx Freq hopping.


We utilize the Single Shot mode for the QEC Cal.

In the AD9361_Calibrations_v2.3 UG,the shot Rx QEC Cal follow those steps.In the first step,I should set some values  for registers.But I can't find the values of 0x16C-0x16F in the AD9361_Register_Map_Reference UG.Can you offer the values and meaning of those registers?

In the equation of QuadcalTime , what the meaning of 'm'?I can't find it  in the UG.

Is  the  'Settle' and 'Cal'  the optimal value  or the largest value ? Can I change the 'Seetle ' and 'Cal' value to decrease the time of shot QEC Cal? Or it has some other meanings?