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How to protect the amplifier

Question asked by 206_RC on Jul 30, 2018
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I have already the Amplifier (ADA4700) with the board test "EVALPRAHVOPAMP-1RZ_UG-670". And I have a charge (Piezo : I don't know this impedance but I can take the mesure in statique about 1.5µF the Z=1/(2*PI*f*C) = 5ohms with the F=20 Khz). I need to know  if I can connect my Amplifier with the board test (who have the thermal pad Locations) directly to mu piezo without explode my Amplfier ? Thanks for your answer. 


I think the Amplifier can only provide 30 mA into the charge and my voltage MAX is about 45V thus the power is 45*0.03 = 1.35 W is not enought for my circuit. Perhaps I make a big mistake because the capacitance charge is not the same at the resistive charge. Can you give me how to work well with my Ampli with the board test and my Piezo ? 


Thanks for your helps


See in this attach datasheet : Amplifier & EVALPRAHVOPAMP-1RZ_UG-670