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AD9279 Continuous Mode Data Streaming

Question asked by sitansu on Jul 29, 2018
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I am trying to capture the continuous mode signals from AD9279. Connecting a signal generator to one of the inputs and supplying it with a test signal such as 1MHz sine wave, I can view the 1MHz frequency response through the output of the USB of HSC-ADC on Visual Analog. But according to the datasheet, what Visual Analog shows are the input going through the LNA, VGA, and AAF.


What I actually want is the output of the I and Q through the HSC-ADC into the Visual Analog rather than the SMA connectors on the AD9279 board. From the circuit diagram I can see, there is an AD7982 ADC which outputs the data to the Serial/SPI/AUX connection of the AD9279 but I am not sure how this data can be picked from the HSC-ADC board rather than the completely filtered signal through VGA and AAF. Is there any possible way this can be implemented?


Please find the attached block diagram to what I mean if it would be helpful in explaining the above-mentioned problem.