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FMCDAQ2+ZC706, Trigger output signal

Question asked by sebetc on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by sebetc

Dear EngineerZone community


We are working with the ZC706+FMCDAQ2 for a telecom experiment. We are using the two output DAC channels to supply our optical modulators, and the two ADC to acquire data.. We would like to get an extra output digital signal from the FPGA  to trigger our detection. How could we do this? Is it possible to output the clock signal from the FMC by one of the pins of the FPGA?  or to get a clock signal directly from the FMC (enabling maybe the two extra DACS of the AD9114?). What would be the easiest option?

Also, the FMC-DAQ2 has a SMA input named Ext Trigger on top. I have not found information about this. Could this be used?


Thank you very much