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ADAU1466 sef boot

Question asked by snapolit Employee on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by DaveThib

A customer is testing the ADAU1466, with our eval board, and having troubles with the self booting (the loading from tool is OK).


They follow the suggested


4. Before downloading the self boot data to the EEPROM, click the Link-Compile-Download button. 


5. When writing to the EEPROM, set the self boot switch (Position 1 of Switch S3) to the disabled position. 


6. Right click the empty white space in the ADAU1466 IC block in the 

     Hardware Configuration tab of SigmaStudio. From the menu that appears, 

     select Self-boot Memory, then Write Latest Compilation through DSP.



To execute a self boot operation, take the following steps: 


1. Set the self boot switch (S2) to enabled (S2 seems not to be the self-boot switch)

2. Press and release the RESET push-button (S1). 


A self boot operation is then performed, and the ADAU1466 runs a program. 


At this stage there seems to be no running process on the processor, so no audio output.


Are they doing anything wrong?