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Sudden drift in ADIS16480 quaternion output

Question asked by patrick.hammer on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by patrick.hammer

I am using an ADIS16480 for state estimation. I get occasional fast rotations in the sensor's quaternion and gyro output. The accelerometer output is normal. This happens even when the system is sitting completely still. Also, the EKF divergence system error flag is set quite often during nominal motions ( less than 2 g's linear and 100 dps angular). I can also trigger a divergence by applying a shock input to the system by banging it with my hand.


The sensor is configured to run at full speed (0 decimation) with magnetometer disabled.


My FNCTIO_CTRL register is  0xCE9

My EKF_CNFG register is 0x08


I attached a CSV of the anomaly happening and the output of the IMU in this configuration.

The EKF divergence flag is not set when the system is sitting still which was the case in my file "imu error still.csv"


I will have a SPI dump of my sensor initialization and periodic read transactions soon.


Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.