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ADV7282A-M YCrCb color level detection

Question asked by erogenous_tones on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by erogenous_tones

I am using verified good YCrCb signals through the recommended single ended connections in Ain1-Ain3 (21R/54R through 100nF into input).

If a YCrCb signal is present and I bring up the system, I get an image where the cyan is covering most of the image.  If I remove the Y signal and re-attach a few times, it eventually gets the proper colors.

I also did a test where I switched from from just AIN1 to YCrCb on AIN123 (so writing 0x00 into 0x00 or 0x0c into 0x00) switching back and forth.  The grayscale image when in 0x00 mode is correct.  Every time I go back into the YCrCb mode, the colors shift around and settle at different levels. 

The incoming image is a ramp changing horizontally from black to white.

Sometimes it becomes red to white.

Sometimes it becomes blue to white.

Clearly I must be doing something wrong, or not resetting something properly when changing modes.  Can someone give me some guidance on what I should be doing when I switch modes.