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Help needed to address the registers in serial I/O mode

Question asked by ranjan on Jan 8, 2012
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   I am planning to use serial I/O mode in AD9910. I had a doubt in accessing the registers. The data sheet says that to write or read into the registers, first is the instruction phase where we mention the address of the register that we need to access and then is the data that we need to input into the register. Since the registers addresses are all 8 bits starting from 0x00 to 0x15, to select a particular register I would need 8 bits. However in the format of the instruction byte in the datasheet(page 48, Rev C), only 5 bits(D4 to D0) are used to select a particular register. How is it possible?

Is it like


00000-corresponds to 0x00

00001- corresponds to 0x01

and so on.