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MathWorks_tools examples do not work

Question asked by Matt139 on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by Matt139

Dear Experts,

I was going to test FixedPoint targetting demos included in MathWorks_tools but I didn't suceed. I tried either master branch or 2017b branch items  with Matlab 2017b and Vivado 2016.4.
The problems are as follows:


1) When I try to launch hdlworkflow.h from the ExternalMode folder, I receive the error:
Invalid value "ADI RF SOM [LibIIO]" for option "Board"


Among valid "Board" names I can see, e.g., ADI RF SOM, AnalogDevices FMCOMMS2/3 ZC702 (Rx & Tx), AnalogDevices adrv9361z7035 fmc lvds (Rx); AnalogDevices adrv9361z7035 fmc lvds (Tx); AnalogDevices adrv9361z7035 pci lvds (Rx & Tx); AnalogDevices adrv9361z7035 pci lvds, and all other adrv9361z7035 stuff.


2) hdlworkfow.m  for ADI_DMA_TT creates a Vivado project correctly but then breaks while running vivado_custom_block_design.tcl:
adi_project_xilinx adrv9361z7035_ccbox_lvds $proj_dir
wrong # args: should be "adi_project_xilinx project_name project_dir update_tcl ?mode?"
    while executing
"adi_project_xilinx adrv9361z7035_ccbox_lvds $proj_dir"
    (file "vivado_custom_block_design.tcl" line 9)
    while executing
"source vivado_custom_block_design.tcl"
    (file "vivado_create_prj.tcl" line 14)


(a complete logfile attached)


Please, help me to identify the problem.