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ad9371Register read-write problem

Question asked by abby on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by gverma

Dear engineers, I would like to consult 9371 at PLL
Before > lock, I wrote the specific register, and I read all the values that I wrote are correct, but then when I enter the MYKONOS_initArm() function, I write the specific register, and the values I read are not
> is the value written in, resulting in buildTimeChecksum and buildTimeChecksum in the MYKONOS_verifyArmChecksum() function
> calculatedChecksum value is not equal, and the verification cannot pass, resulting in the failure of image download to the ARM of AD9371.
My SPI reading and writing clock SCLK is 5M
> Hz, MYKONOS_initArm or MYKONOS_loadArmFromBinary, both of these implementations have problems, both written and read incorrectly, CMB_
> SPIWriteField is correct, I've used ila on vivado, and I wonder if these values are set differently from mine because they're reset here
> arm-spi clock does not need to set this clock before pll-lock. I wonder if the clock I configured does not match this clock, but I cannot see the register at hand
> describes, I don't know how much it is set in this way, please help to see what is wrong, thank you