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ADXL345 RMS velocity, peak to peak displacement calculation

Question asked by akshaay on Jul 26, 2018
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I am working on ADXL345 connected to STM32 using SPI interface. Here i am using ADXL345 as vibration sensor.

Our need is to calculate RMS velocity, peak to peak displacement and using High pass filter.


I am sampling ADXL345 at 3200 SPS. I am in need of exact procedure or formula to calculate RMS velocity, peak to peak displacement.


using below article i found formula for RMS velocity but for that i am in need of peak velocity, how get it.

MEMS Vibration Monitoring: From Acceleration to Velocity | Analog Devices 


I would also like to know how to implement High pass filter for digital signal from ADXL sensor using DSP.


Any help will be Appreciated.


Thank you.