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LT8302/LT8304 design

Question asked by linvshi on Jul 26, 2018
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my new design condition:VIN=16~40VDC; vout=8V; IOUT=1.25A  ;topology:flyback isolated.

please give me some suggestion or applications.

I  calculated by LTPOWERCAD,  NP/NS_min=3.81;  NP/NS_max=13.1; and Ipk=1.93A;  the Ipk close to Isw(2A),it is ok?

and also I just calculate by myself, NP/NS=VIN_min*Dmax/{(vout+vf)*(1-Dmax)=1.2; (define Dmax=0.4) ,this value is different from LTPOWERCAD. please give me the proper calculation, best regards.