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ADV7535 reference design question

Question asked by Mars.Chang on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by PoornimaSubramani

Hi, all,



Our customer has several problems with hardware design:


a. If the customer's power supply is clear, Could use only one bead for (AVDD_1V8, DVDD_1V8, A2VDD_1V8, V1P8, PVDD_1V8) all 1.8V input?

b. about other I/O functions, can these pins keep the NC, pull-up or pull-down if I don't need to use them?

(eg DRx2, DRx3, CEC .....)

c. Is the external 12MHz crystal required if CEC_CLK is not used?
(If used by default, must the external 12MHz oscillator be used?


d. Do we have PCB files can provide to our customers?