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AD9172-FMC-EBZ and ADS7 Platform

Question asked by KMHI on Jul 25, 2018
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There is a list of questions in this post, so please bear with me.


The first question is regarding the ACE GUI, after following the example posted on the wiki (AD917x-FMC-EBZ Evaluation Board User Guide [Analog Devices Wiki] ) I wanted to alter some of the settings to then change the board to operate how I want to use it. So I tried to change the input data rate (boxed in red), is there a reason why the GUI will not let me change this to 500 MHz? It seems that should work because it is less than the 525 MHz max... Below is an image where I just changed the NCO controls:


ACE GUI 500 MHz Error


It works with the data rate of 491.52 MHz, however it then "breaks" if I change that value to 500 MHz, as shown below:


ACE GUI 500 MHz Error


In regards to the DPG downloader, I'm just wondering how the multi-tone differs from the single-tone, and how can I set these parameters correctly to interface from the ADS7 to the AD9172-FMC-EBZ? (image of the DPG GUI below)



My end goal is to get a single tone at 2 GHz at the output of the DAC (which I will then try to sweep upwards towards the whatever the max output frequency is for the DAC, or 4 GHz, whatever happens first).