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HMC7044 internal VCO minimim frequency

Question asked by gavint on Jul 25, 2018



I have some questions relating to the HMC7044 internal VCO.


We have an HMC7044 in an existing product. We want to modify the configuration of the HMC7044 to use it in a new product application where one of the output clocks must be 2150MHz. This requires us to operate the HMC7044 with the PLL2 internal VCO at 2150MHz.


According to the HMC7044, the minimum 'typical' frequency tuning range of the Low VCO is 2150 MHz. However, the guaranteed low frequency is 2400MHz.



1) Can we reliably operate the internal VCO of the HMC7044 at 2150MHz?

2) What does 'typical' refer to in the datasheet?

3) If an HMC7044 device internal VCO is able to lock at 2150MHz, will it reliably achieve lock across the operating temperature range / operating voltage range?


Thank you.