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DMA iio_buffer_refill fails -- (Error refilling buf -110)

Question asked by vshn on Jul 24, 2018
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Hey all,

I am using the AD9361 on custom hardware that is interfacing with a Zynq7020. I have been using the hardware fora while now and verified it is functional in a baremetal design. I am currently setting the hardware up to run Buildroot Linux and feel like I have it 90% there.


Everything seems to be initializing properly as seen in this dmesg snippet,


# dmesg | grep ad9361
[    5.811850] ad9361 spi32766.0: ad9361_probe : enter (ad9361)
[    6.318177] ad9361 spi32766.0: ad9361_probe : AD936x Rev 2 successfully initialized
[    7.230200] cf_axi_adc ADI AIM (10.00.b) at 0x79020000 mapped to 0xe0a50000, probed ADC AD9361 as MASTER
[    7.253992] cf_axi_dds Analog Devices CF_AXI_DDS_DDS MASTER (9.00.b) at 0x79024000 mapped to 0xe0a5f000, probed
DDS AD9361


The tone is being output properly on the spectrum analyzer and the sys/bus/iio/device/* files are responding appropriately to me poking and prodding them.


I am using the ad9361_iio.c sample code to verify everything is functioning properly. However I am getting the following output,


* Acquiring IIO context
* Acquiring AD9361 streaming devices
* Configuring AD9361 for streaming
* Acquiring AD9361 phy channel 0
* Acquiring AD9361 RX lo channel
* Acquiring AD9361 phy channel 0
* Acquiring AD9361 TX lo channel
* Initializing AD9361 IIO streaming channels
* Enabling IIO streaming channels
* Creating non-cyclic IIO buffers with 1 MiS
* Starting IO streaming (press CTRL+C to cancel)
Error refilling buf -110
* Destroying buffers
* Disabling streaming channels
* Destroying context


I am using the 2017_R1 versions of the ADI HDL and Linux Kernel. I am using v0.15 of lib_iio. Attached is my defconfig for the linux kernel, my dts file, an image of the vivado design, and the output of iio_info.


I feel as if I am overlooking something obvious; however with the depth of stuff that has been configured to get this far I can't see it. Thanks for any help!